GSS Introduction

Gulf Star Security & Safety Systems got established in 1991 to supply and install fire protection, detection and security systems in Jeddah, the location being in Sitteen Street, Enaikish, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Within a very short time, GSS has grown into a trusted, reliable and quality brand dealing fire protection and fire suppression systems in Jeddah and other parts of western region of Saudi Arabia.



GSS starts to serve a project from the very beginning; the conceptual design stage. GSS assists the architects, engineers or building consultants to specify fire protection and security systems according to latest international codes and standards and acceptable to local authorities.


Fire Protection Systems:
GSS is dealing with the design, engineering, supply, installation, supervision, testing and commissioning of the following systems:


Automatic Sprinkler Systems:
Various types of sprinkler systems for commercial and residential buildings, hotels, different types of storages, including combined sprinkler and stand pipe risers including fire pumps as per NFPA 13, 14, 20


Deluge and Pre-Action Systems:
Deluge and Pre-Action Systems for extra-hazard applications like fuel tanks, transformers, paint and chemical storage, fuel storage, etc., as per NFPA 13, 15 etc


Foam Systems:
Applications including Class B Flammable Liquids like as fuel tanks, fuel rooms, fuel farm and dike area, generator area, heliport, aircraft hangars, etc., as per NFPA 11, 16 and 418, etc.,


CO2 Fire Suppression Systems:
Applications including Class B Flammable Liquids and Class C Electrical Hazards like Electrical Switchgear Rooms, Power House, Transformer Rooms, Generators, etc., as per NFPA 12. Both high pressure and low pressure CO2 systems.


Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems:
Applications including Computer Rooms, Control Rooms, Electrical Rooms, Archives, Museums, etc., as per NFPA 2001. Clean agents include FM 200 / Inert Gas / EACRO 25 etc.,


Wet Chemical Fire Suppression Systems for Kitchen Hoods:
Restaurant Application – wet chemical fire suppression system as per NFPA 17A and UL 300


Fire Detection Systems:
Conventional as well as Addressable Fire Alarm Systems including Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus. The systems include networking addressable analogue fire detection network over Fibre Optic or IP network, fire alarm graphic software, voice evacuation systems, etc.,


Gas Leak Detection Systems:
Flammable Gases Leak Detection Systems for Kitchen Applications and CO leak detection systems for parking application and different types of leak detection systems for various process plants


High Pressure Water Mist Systems:
Latest technology in the protection of turbine area, machinery spaces, transformers, cable tunnels, pedestrian and road tunnels, etc., as per NFPA 750

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